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About Senior Sessions

“How to Avoid The 10 Huge Mistakes That
Ruin Most Senior Portraits…”


Dear Seniors (or parents of Seniors),

It’s a good thing you’re checking this site out right now! That tells me it’s important to you that your senior pictures (or your son’s or daughter’s) look really fantastic. And yes, the high school seniors are being photographed RIGHT NOW!

Okay – Admit it. You really DO WANT These Photographs to look fantastic, Don’t You?

From a graduating senior’s point of view, nothing could be more disappointing than not liking the way he or he looks in that super - important portrait that all his or her friends and relatives will see.


On this webpage, I’m going to reveal some
powerful secrets to helping seniors look great in their portraits!


Think about this a moment…more people will see this portrait than ANY OTHER PHOTOGRAPH you ever have taken! Yes! Even more than will see your wedding photographs! So you want him or her to be really proud of it? Right?


Well, research has proven that the two major 
things that are most important to seniors about their senior portraits are:


1.) That they look really good in the portrait, and

2.) They also want the portrait to have some kind of “artistic quality” to it. That is to say that the photographs themselves to look fantastic, as well as the senior looking fantastic in them. There’s a three dimensional feeling to it, and there’s quality to the light. And his or her personality comes through. The portrait has what I call “SPARKLE.” To it.

By “Sparkle” I mean that when the senior’s friends and family look at this portrait, they say, “Wow, you look like a million bucks! It’s like you’re going to step right off the paper and speak to me! The photo of you is really great!” That’s what I call “Sparkle.”


And I’m going to do everything I can to help
your senior portraits have that special


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