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Myth, Mistake Or Misconception:
“All Family Portraits Are Created Equal.”


INCORRECT. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you’re at all like most people, you’ve probably had this question going through your mind. “How do I choose the right photographer?” In fact, you may even have thought of someone in your family – an uncle, a grandparent, even a friend – who is a bit of an amateur photographer. Why not just have that person create the photograph of your family?

Question: “Just Suppose Someone Were To Create The Perfect Family Portrait – One Where You And Your Loved Ones Looked Better Than Ever, Happier Than Ever – A portrait That Meant The World To You – What Would That Be Worth?”

No price tag can be put on your family’s memories. They are and always will be priceless. So, why would you ever want to gamble with those memories? It’s just a question of whether you believe a portrait of your family could really mean that much to you.

If you were sick, and had to go to a doctor, would you want the “cheapest” doctor, or the best one? Well, there’s really no question. It’s the same thing with your family’s memories. You can certainly find a cheaper photographer in town. But there are other things to consider than just price.

The Photographer You Choose Should Care
About  Your Family and Your Memories,
Not Just About “Making A Buck” Off You.


I pride myself on becoming a family friend of every family I photograph. You see. I didn’t get into photography to get rich. Believe me, there are better (and easier) ways to make a fast buck. But I CHOSE to become a professional family photographer. Why did I make that career choice? Because I finally realized that all the money in the world meant nothing to me if I didn’t feel like I was making a difference.


I Realized That Memories Were Priceless –
That There Was No more Noble Or Wonderful
Profession Than To Become A “Memory Giver”


I didn’t become a photographer because I liked to take pictures. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the “art” of photography, but that’s NOT the reason I first picked up a camera. As a child, my mother and father didn’t have many photographs taken. My entire time growing up, We only had one family photograph taken, that was when I was nine. I cherish that photograph – it means the world to me.

Don’t Make The Decision As To Who Will
Photograph Your Family Until You Chat With
Me. There Are Things You’ll Want To Ask The 

There’s no cost, and no obligation to just chat with me, and it will make the whole difference as to how great your portraits will look.


Don’t worry, I’m not going to try to “sell you” on working with me. I’m already very busy, and I don’t need to pressure anyone to work with me as a photographer. I’ll just talk to you about your portraits, and help you discover what your photographs could be like. If you decide to have me create your portraits – great. If not no problem.


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